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Custom Auto Body Painting Services

Are you looking for that glass like reflection, deep looking paint job?

That's my specialty, I've been custom painting for over 35 years and I have created process that are unmatched by most of  the industry and equaled by few, I'll explain "How To" later in this page.

We can take your vehicle body down to metal or glass and build the surface up using quality DuPont / Axalta urethane products that when processed and applied properly will give you decades of enjoyment.

We can apply standard base clear colors or custom colors such as "House Of Kolor Candies, We can formulate one off 3 and 4 stage custom  and pearl colors, we also spray chrome with candies over that  and if you want,  we can add custom graphics and pinstriping to personalize it for you, the options are endless.

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What consists of a custom paint job?

When preparing an action plan for a custom paint job you first need to think of longevity so starting with clean bare metal or fiberglass is a must as most paint looses longevity when sprayed over another paint job as the new paint job will only last as long as the substrates.

After the vehicle is completely stripped to bare metal you now need to prep the metal for filler and primer application. This is done with metal prep and sanding discs, th4e metal prep removes contamination and rust and the sanding discs remove a small layer of metal so you start with a new clean metal surface and you do the same on fiberglass except you use chemical cleaners instead of metal prep.

Now that the surface is clean you can apply your filler over the metal to bring the surface to an even plane. Next you can apply your etch and urethane fill primers as needed. Now comes the painstaking process of block sanding the complete vehicle inside jams and out, this could take up to 60 hour or more. Most of the car will need to be sanded with a 120 grit hard block then reprimed and re-sanded with 240 then 320 using the appropriate block for the different contours. This blocking step is what makes the paintjob if it's not done right no matter how good you spray the paint it's will only look as good as the block sanding allows it to.

Time for applying the paint. First we spray an appropriate colored sealer for uniform undercoat color and adhesion then the base color coats usually 2-3 coats will suffice depending on color hide and some colors may require 4-5. Next is the clear coat application we spray 3-6 coats of clear depending on the sand and rub operation requested by the customer. The clear coat is baked and then allowed to dry 24 to 48 hours prior to sand and rub.

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Sand and rub out

Just like the blocking process this operation also is a big factor on the final quality of the paint job. There a few different methods you can use but for this I'll explain the best method

 For a glass like flat surface I prefer to reblock sand the clear coat over the complete car, this removes the ripples that the paint application process puts back on the car. I will hard block sand the complete car with 500 grit sand paper and then use a step-down process of 600-800-1200-1500. The car at this point is resanded completely 5 times. using this process I can guarantee that the car is glass like flat.

After the clear sanding process we now  go through the triple rub processes using a cutting compound with wool then foam after that we polish it with a foam pad and polishing glaze. when it's all said and done you will have a glass like paint surface that will last decades with proper care



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