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Whether you're looking for a complete exterior detailing or an interior cleaning or both, Keena’s will restore your vehicle to it's original beauty.

Our company is dedicated to bringing quality detailing processes combined with time convenient and cost effective customer service Keena’s detailing places customer satisfaction and client time priorities first among all of our best business practices.

We offer quality car detailing in the Warren, MI and surrounding metropolitan areas; Troy, Madison Heights, Sterling Heights, Macomb and Oakland Counties.

We detail it all; trucks, RVs, planes, motorcycles, golf carts, and boats. All detailing service requests are welcome.

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Soft cloth hand wash - power rub and buff - swirl free hand wax - carpet treatment - shampoo cleaning of interior upholstery - clear coat protective clay bar treatment - head light restoration - and more...




Exterior- Pricing depends on the vehicle size and condition, most jobs are estimated after viewing. A standard ball park is about $150.00 for a triple rub, polish and wax. This includes a power cutting compound that cuts a minute amount of paint clear coat off so you start fresh with a new surface and this also removes minor scratches from the surface. After the power cut we polish the bare paint up with a power polish which shines the fresh cut surface. Next is applying a sealant / wax to give it a deep shine and a protective coating. This is not your local carwash buff and wax this is a professional deep power cut and cleaning of your painted surface. It doesn't get better than this.

Interior- This is also a per vehicle pricing as some interiors are larger and more intricate and also the amount of work needed to achieve the desired results. A basic interior clean with a midsize car with minor cleaning starts at $85.00

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