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Freehand Painted Pinstriping

When it comes to personalizing your everyday car or specialty vehicle there is no better and economical way to do it than Pinstriping

I started pinstriping in my high school auto body class and haven't stopped,

Pinstriping can be applied to just about anything to decorate or personalize it and can come in many forms from multiple styles of flourishing to geometric lines, panel designs and more.

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What does it cost

It depends on the vehicle or item your pinstriping and the surface to be pin striped to start but it ultimately comes down to complexity of the designs and the colors needed to get the desired effect. I usually get a good Idea of what a customer wants by talking to them and asking a few questions about what effect you want the pinstriping to take on such as bold and vibrant, subtle or striking effects to name a few, usually a pinstripe takes on a bit of the owners personality

For a standard new car double line two tone with a few accents will start out at about $150.00 and depending on complexity of any additional designs it will go up from there 

Brief History of Pinstriping

Many people assume that the art of modern day pinstriping is associated with Hot Rod giants such as Von Dutch , George Barris and a host of others. In fact it's origins can be traced throughout history, back prior to the roman empire whose designs embellished a myriad of objects in their every day life. From Gypsy Wagons to 19th century fire trucks, tracing a line to the beginnings of our human society.

The roots of decorative line art we can first point to La grotte Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc or better known as the French Cave Paintings.

These amazingly elegant and simple line gestures point to symbolism that related to their culture perhaps more than some religous practices, American Indians, whose line work take on a whole new meaning and spirituality used pictograms. Vibrant colors and free style gestures to capture the spirit of their surroundings. And incorporating these elements into their everyday customs.

Written by Andy 'Zig' Leipzig