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Custom Painted "Flames and Fire"

Custom painted flame types:

  • Traditional flames

  • Tribal flamed

  • Three dimentional flames

  • Whippy overlapping flames

  • Real fire flames

  • Pinstripe flames

  • Ghost flames

  • Color fade flames


I have 35 plus years in custom painted flame experience in all areas of flame design and application. I can design a flame package for any specialty vehicle including hotrods, motorcycles,boats, planes and any other item that can take paint as a surface.

Visit our flames photo gallery to see different styles.

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Here is a little insight on the proper process:

Applying flames is a multi step system, first you need to pick a style of flame, trible traditional, real fire ect.. Then you need to take the style and apply it to the vehicle in patterns that fit the surface and lines of the vehicle. You need to get into the head of the customer because this art is going to be an extension of their personality so a few sketch layouts are in order because once you start there is no going back. we can computer and hand sketch layouts for customers to get the right style and layout they desire.

Now comes the prep work,  the surface needs to be prepped for clearcoat since the car flamed panels will be cleared 100% multiple times. Next you do the layout, now this can be done in multiple ways, fineline tape, spray mask and cutout patterns, hand drawn computer digitized design masks to name a few.

After the layout is applied you now spray the base color of the flames, this would be the main color and the largest color covering the design after that you add the fades and airbrush effects as desired. After the effects are applied add a light protective coat of clear so you dont smudge the effects applied.

Now you need to add the bury coat of clear this will bring the complete surface back to a flat plane for additional effects such as 3-D shadows and pinstriping. after you apply the bury coats of clear and it has hardened at least 24 hours you then blocksand it flat and now you ready to add the additional effects.

After you apply the effects your ready for the 3rd clear coat. When you do this always double coat the second set of effects as thoes will need to be blocked  prior rubbing out to get to a flat surface again.  For a super flat custom job you may even want to blocksand the entire surface flat and add another clearcoat operation. Your are now ready for sand and rubot.

As you can see doing "Quality Flames" is a time consuming meticulious process and every step omitted will diminish the quality of the final product.





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