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Hotrod and Classic Car Repair

Classic car services from metal panel fab and replacement to show quality custom paint.

Whether you're looking for a dent fixed or new exterior, floor and inner panels aligned and welded into position we do it all.

  1. Quarter panels
  2. Wheel wells
  3. Floor pans
  4. Door skins
  5. Panel alignment
  6. Frame rails
  7. Panel gapping
  8. Lead filler
  9. Metal fabrication
  10. Custom metal works and more

When the need arises for complete panel replacement and alignment you need to use the proper equipment such as when replacing quarter panels, rockers and floor pans. You can't just cut them off and weld on new ones and expect a quality alignment without the vehicle jigged on a frame rack which is used as a datum plane so you can measure the factory alignment specification as you go. 

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Custom Metal and Fiberglass fabrication.

  1. Frenched taillights, headlights and antennas
  2. Chopped tops
  3. Shaved door handles
  4. Gull wing doors
  5. Hidden hinges
  6. Side skirts
  7. Hood scoops
  8. Flip up front ends
  9. Side scoops
  10. Lead work
  11. Stretched wheel wells and tubs
  12. Dash and interior fabrication and more

We've been creating custom cars since 1985 so if your looking to take that stock body and cut, chop, trim ,french, slam, and jam it into something custom and personalized you come to the right place.

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